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Concerned about Road Rage?
VISIONDRIVE In-Vehicle Drive Recorders provide you with all the evidence you need
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When comparing recorders ask your supplier if their products comply with the Australian Standards and also confirm that they do in fact have Product Liability Insurance required to be an importer and reseller of such goods in Australia (VISIONDRIVE fully complies and we hold 20M in Product Liability Insurance)

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Are you experiencing the STACK OVERFLOW message during playback and not seeing the Google Map?

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See the Key Features below as to why the VISIONDRIVE product stands out from the rest

Australian Road Safety Awards 2011


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VISIONDRIVE are the market leaders in small form factor In-Vehicle Drive Recorders and Car Cameras

Below are just a few of the reasons why you need a VISIONDRIVE In-Vehicle Drive Recorder

Video on the left was recorded with a VD-7000W and is displayed here with the entire VDANALYZER application window captured.

You can see the Google Map window on the bottom right and the G-force measurements in three axis with GPS recorded location, speed and date/time along the bottom.

Move your pointer over the video and click the PLAY button on the bottom left to view - contains audio.

This video is from a VD-5000W client who had only just acquired the unit.

The driver was able to show the police (that attended the accident) the video on the integrated display right there and then.

From one of the first VISIONDRIVE customers who purchased a recorder after two accidents and not being able to prove he was in the right.

In this video you can hear that an indicator is on and as he turns right there is someone overtaking!

If you look at the video carefully you can see a reflection of the right hand front indicator in the left rear bumper of the ute.

Before this video was supplied the insurance company was opting in favour of the ute but when they saw and heard it, the correct outcome was achieved. My guess is the other driver was on the phone as the speed at which he exited the vehicle with phone in hand is very quick.

Key Features of VISIONDRIVE In-Vehicle Drive Recorders:
  • Support 64GB, 128GB and the largest 256GB SD cards for exceptional video retention
  • Tested to operate in excess of 60 degrees which is easily achieved inside the cabin of a parked car or truck unlike others which suggest they should not be used above 50 degs C. We see no point in suggesting you purchase a recorder to monitor your car in your absence if it cannot handle the heat. There are no batteries in the VD-3/7/8/9000 models and the VD-1500 range have a coin type battery which cannot explode
  • Supplied with everything you need to install in a single vehicle. Glass Slide Plate Mount, power cable, recorder & SD card
  • Simple to use with video and audio playback right there in the vehicle on the VD-3/7/8/9000 models
  • Video, GPS information (date/time/location/speed), Audio and G-forces are continuously recorded on a first-in first-out loop basis
  • Automatic recording on start of vehicle
  • Mounts high on windscreen to not obstruct the view of the driver
  • Integrated display and simple status lights clearly report operational state and exactly what is being recorded
  • Shock and driver activated ‘events’ saved to a dedicated area on the memory card for quick and simple analysis
  • Ability to disable the shock activated events to suit the vehicle and conditions (offroad, competition driving or just plain bad roads or rough rides)
  • Playback video with audio, speed and date/time on the base unit without the need for a computer
  • View trip routes in Google Maps (TM) with video, audio, speed, location, date, time and G-forces
  • Track where your vehicle has been for up to six months via the stored GPS data
  • Use as an electronic GPS based log book
  • Protects your property in your absence using the Parking Mode which can be automatically enabled in some models
  • Easy to configure, install and operate
  • Audio recording can be enabled/disabled via the front control buttons
  • Simple to remove from the vehicle or relocate to another
  • Variety of models and options including twin channel and low light cameras
  • Applications include driver training, vehicle tracking, driver behaviour, security patrols, tow truck operators, horse float monitoring, hire platform monitoring, track days (rally and road), off-road trip recording, taxis, courier services, hire car operators, emergency services, traffic flow management, caravan/trailer monitoring, littering patrols, proof of driving behaviour and drive through road work signage audit/recording for council compliance
  • VISIONDRIVE In-Vehicle Drive Recorders and Car Cameras fully comply with the requirements of the Australian Communications Management Authority (ACMA)

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