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On the internet you will find various offers in online shops (talk Australian, some overseas) and of course international eBay suppliers to purchase VISIONDRIVE In-Vehicle Driver Recorders

These offers have no connection with VISIONDRIVE in Australia or New Zealand and we are not obligated to provide after sales support, warranty services or software updates for any VISIONDRIVE In-Vehicle Drive Recorders that are not sold by us.  At our discretion a fee may be applicable for the supply of software releases (if we agree to supply such software in the first place)

Our business exclusively sells the VISIONDRIVE range of products via the direct sales method or via approved resellers

This way, as our customer, you’ll benefit from our professional advice and excellent after sales customer service

Please inform yourself about any seller on the internet be they local or overseas. There are warnings and notices out about illegal internet sites and caution should be taken on offers made particularly regarding warranty

Please also take note of the cost of initial shipping and return shipping charges for warranty services should they be required.  What you think is a great deal may not work out to be that way at all  

You may not get what you ordered either and we know of one case where a person was supplied a VISIONDRIVE recorder which was in Korean via purchase in Australia through an Australian based online store

All purchases made from VISIONDRIVE Australia or an authorised Australian based reseller come with 12 months warranty and full support for the included applications.  No warranty or support is provided for systems purchased using other channels

Systems sold in Australia and New Zealand must be approved against the related Australian Communications Management Authority (ACMA) Standard.  Your confirmation of this is the C-Tick certification meaning the importer has all the technical information required to prove that the product meets the required specification.  Our C-tick reference is N27962 and a label displaying this detail is attached to each drive recorder, manual and box.  If it does not have the C-tick reference then it may not meet the standard and should not be purchased or used in Australia 

Contact us direct in all instances when looking at the VISIONDRIVE products.  There are limited Authorised resellers of the VISIONDRIVE products and for a good reason as most online resellers stock limited quantities, they do not commit to the manufacturer for the long haul and provide little if any after sales support 

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