MBIZ Recorders


Key Features of MBIZ Drive Recorders


Large SD card sizes supported


Supplied with a 64GB micro SD card so you are up and running from the get go



High Temperature Range


Tested to operate in excess of 60 degrees which is easily achieved inside the cabin of a parked car or truck unlike others which suggest 

they should not be used above 50 degs C


We see no point in suggesting you purchase a recorder to monitor your car in your absence if it cannot handle the heat


There are no batteries in any of the recorders we sell



Fully Approved


VISIONDRIVE In-Vehicle Drive Recorders and Car Cameras fully comply with the requirements of the Australian Communications Management Authority ACMA)



Easy to Install and Operate


Supplied with everything you need to install in a single vehicle. Glass Slide Plate Mount, power cable, recorder, second camera & SD card


All our models support two cameras/channels


Simple to use with video and audio playback right there in the vehicle via the large touch screen


Audio recording can be enabled/disabled via the front control buttons


Simple to remove from the vehicle or relocate to another


Automatic recording on start of vehicle


Mounts high on windscreen to not obstruct the view of the driver


Integrated display and simple status lights clearly report operational state and exactly what is being recorded


Display deactivation option to prevent driver distraction


Supports 12 - 50 VDC with a standard DC cable (not USB) allowing simple connection to permanent power if required


Security Code access via touch screen to prevent SD card formatting or unauthorised configuration changes



Many Uses


Applications include driver training, vehicle tracking, driver behaviour, security patrols, tow truck operators, horse float monitoring, hire platform monitoring, track days (rally and road), off-road trip recording, taxis, courier services, hire car operators, emergency services, traffic flow management, caravan/trailer monitoring, littering patrols, proof of driving behaviour and drive through road work signage audit/recording for council compliance



Unique Event Recording


Shock and driver activated ‘events’ saved to a dedicated area on the memory card for quick and simple analysis


Ability to disable the shock activated events to suit the vehicle and conditions (offroad, competition driving or just plain bad roads or rough rides)


Parking Mode with motion and shock detection



Vehicle Tracking and Overspeed Alerting


Playback trips with video, audio, speed, location, date, time and G-forces



Safe Storage


Video, GPS information (date/time/location/speed), Audio and G-forces are continuously recorded on a first-in first-out loop basis

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